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Key cutting and programming in San Jose

There is one best locksmith service for all key duplication services.

At Real Time Locksmith you’ll get the best price and service for any key to be duplicated.

Key duplication service
One for Me And one key for my wife

From residential keys to automotive keys. Most of the keys can be duplicated, besides the protected by code. The last ones, you need a blade that you can’t find anywhere unless it’s a special order from the manufacturer.

Best price and service

In our decade-plus of operation, Real-Time Locksmith has seen it all when it comes to the need for new keys.

Sometimes customers find themselves locked out of their cars because they’ve lost their keys, other times a homeowner’s keys are stolen or break off inside of an entryway’s lock.

All of the scenarios above require key duplication. This means our customers will never have to wait an excessive amount of time to get back on their way or back into their home/office.

The vans our technician’s drive are equipped to cut keys for all types of vehicles, homes, and commercial buildings.

Residential Keys

Whether your keys have been misplaced, stolen, or have broken Real-Time Locksmith has got you covered.

We work with traditional locks as well as electronic locks of all types.

We can cut you new keys, including a few extra for backup, and can reprogram electronic locks throughout your home be them keypads or the type that utilizes vital cards.

If new keys are not enough, our San Jose locksmiths can also re-key a house, replace and repair specific locks, and even install surveillance equipment.

Key cutting
Key cutting in San Jose

Automobile Keys

Car owners needing new keys for their vehicles is a much more common occurrence than you might believe.

People not only routinely lose their car keys but car keys break off inside door locks and ignition switches as well.

Real-Time Locksmith arrives on the scene within minutes of contact ready to cut new keys and program new key fobs in these types of scenarios and can have you back on the road in a matter of minutes.

We can cut new keys for cars, both new and old as well as foreign and domestic.

In those scenarios where a car needs more than new keys, we can extract broken keys from locks, replace locks, and even repair ignition switches.

new mortise set installed in residential
new mortise set installed in residential

Commercial Keys

Although traditional keys are still utilized by business managers and owners, there has been a shift towards more modern forms of locks in recent years. These electronic locks, while fantastic in their own right, sometimes do malfunction or outright break.

In either case, our services can cut owners’ and managers’ new keys and can reprogram existing and even install new electronic locks.

We also install and repair surveillance equipment in and around commercial buildings. More to the point, our emergency services make us available 24/7/365. When you need a trusted and reputable technician, we will be there for you.