House & Cars Key duplication

If you landed here for a key duplication service, than you found the right place! Before you call, read the following residential services we offer in San Jose.

lockout locksmith San Jose
lockout locksmith San Jose

From security systems, repair locks, create new keys, program locks, and work with door systems.

We also offer emergency services and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

If you have lost your keys, and you are locked out of your vehicle, call us.

Or you want more protection for your home and/or business.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a high-security lock or a broken key inside of a lock, then you understand how essential these services truly are.

Our mobile locksmith lab in San Jose
Our mobile locksmith lab in San Jose area

While most people associate locksmiths with only automobiles and personal residential services, the truth of the matter is that technicians work in both residential and commercial capacities regularly.

  •  Residential services often include lock replacement/repair.
  • Installation of security systems
  • Program car keys

You’ll also want to work with only those locksmiths who offer free quotes and stick to their original pricing.

Use the internet to further build your confidence in a local locksmith by reading reviews and even speaking with past and current clientele.

Word of mouth can yield a great deal about a locksmith and how they operate! Visit our Google Maps reviews.

Residential Locksmith

Residential services in San Jose are much more than merely helping people who’ve lost or broken their keys.

These are as follows:

  • residential mortise set installed
    A new mortise lock installation in San Jose

    House Lockout: Homeowners misplace their keys all the time as do their children. Others have their keys stolen or see them break as they attempt to gain entry to their home. Lost keys, broken locks, re-keys, and programmable security locks are no problem for us.

  • Lock Replacement/Repair: As is the case with all things in or on a home, locks age and through natural wear and tear can malfunction and even fail. In these scenarios, we can replace a single lock or all locks throughout a home, and we can also repair seemingly irreparably damaged locks. We perform these services both as scheduled jobs and as part of our emergency services. Our goal is to get you back to your home as quickly as possible.
  • Re-keys: Re-keying an entire home can be daunting and stressful. The task from the viewpoint of the homeowner but our team of locksmiths work quickly and efficiently to make your home the safe and secure place it should be. Whether it’s electronic locks, traditional locks, or a combination of both we’ve got you covered. Re-keys are an excellent and very effective way of bringing your home’s security into the modern age.
  • Broken Keys: Keys sometimes break when removing or inserting them into keyholes and may also break off inside a keyhole. While this is undoubtedly a stressful situation for you, the homeowner, neither scenario poses a problem for us. Broken keys can be extracted from any keyholes. New keys can be created on-site so that our customers do not have to wait before they regain entry into their homes.
  • New Residency: When you move into a new home, it’s always a good idea to have your locks changed and upgraded. Our talented staff will work with
    Key Creation Services | Locksmith San Jose
    Key cutting and programming in San Jose

    coordinated efforts throughout your home to ensure that it is as secure as possible. Moreover, we work quickly and can arrive ahead of your family so that your home is protected by the time you visit. We also repair and upgrade residential locks for persons who’ve lost their keys but don’t feel comfortable enough with just receiving new keys.

Automotive services in San Jose

Your vehicle is not only your mode of transportation, but it can also be your safe space in unfamiliar neighbourhoods.

When you find yourself either unable to gain entry to your car or to start it, it can induce feelings of dread, anxiety, and desperation.

We not only help people back into their vehicles, but we can repair automotive locks and replace programmable key fobs as well.

  • Vehicle Lockout: Keys get lost, stolen, and key fobs can malfunction. All of these situations can result in you being locked out of your car and able to start it.
    car locksmith on My Mind.
    100% working Car computer re-flash

    Whether your car is old or on the cutting edge of technology, our talented team of locksmiths gets you back in your car quickly and without incident. If your keys have been lost or stolen, we can create new keys on-site. If a key has broken off inside of your car’s ignition switch, we can fix that too. We can also repair automotive locks and program your new key fobs so that you can get back to getting to your destination. In the event you find yourself locked out of your car or unable to start it, don’t panic, call us instead.

  • Ignition Repair: Sometimes, ignition units in vehicles malfunction. Other times keys break off inside of them and do additional damage in the process. You needn’t worry, however, as these are both typical jobs addressed by our staff. We can both repair ignitions in cars and replace them if necessary. Having your vehicle towed to a garage or dealership for ignition repair is costly and time-consuming. Conversely, we tackle the job in a fraction of the time it takes others to do it, and we are a much more affordable option.
  • Re-keying Cars: Some people don’t just lose one key to their car; they lose all of them. While this is an insanely frustrating turn of events know that we can re-key a car onsite (at our mobile lab) and complete the work much faster than will any auto shop or dealership. Additionally, our re-keying services are inexpensive when compared to that of mechanics and large dealerships. Our automotive re-keying services include those vehicles which use electronic locks too.
  • Key Extraction: As mentioned previously, keys sometimes break apart while they are in keyholes. This can happen in trunk locks, glove boxes, ignition
    car remote, Helps you Relax.
    Car remote and key in San Jose.

    switches, and of course doors. When this does occur, it can keep you from using your vehicle or at the very least, using it safely. Additionally, we’ll check for collateral damage your broken keys may have caused before we send you on your way. And since you’ll need a new key, our team will create new keys for you on the spot.

San Jose Commercial Services

Commercial buildings and places of business generally need a great deal more locksmith services than do homeowners.

This is because there is a lot more to protect and manage working spaces, the technology is different the type of security isn’t the same.

Our team of experienced locksmiths can help a business or commercial building in any number of ways.

  • push handle san jose locksmith
    Push handle lock installed in a building

    Office Lockout: The dream of many a wear employee, office lockouts occur more frequently than you might imagine. Managers and owners misplace keys. Any lock services including locks fail, and security systems malfunction making it next to impossible to get into a commercial building without causing substantial damage.

  • Electronic Locks: It happens all the time; someone forgets their access codes to an electronic lock and needs immediate access. In these scenarios, it’s essential to know a locksmith whom you can trust and who has an excellent reputation. Real-Time Locksmith can subvert dial and electronic locks without causing damage and then change the combination for you.
  • Buzzer/Alarm Systems: Businesses aptly concerned with security and safety are going to have some buzzer or alarm system installed in their building. We can deal with any lock brand or model. From repair, install, and dismantle these systems with relative ease.
  • We are also considerably more affordable than traditional security firms.

    Anderson lock re-key in San Jose
    Anderson lock rekey in San Jose
  • New Locks: A lot is riding on a commercial building’s locks. Everything from safety, to privacy, and security are at risk when locks are compromised. When locks at a place of business need to be changed or upgraded, we can help step up security and ensure that your business and its employees are kept safe. We regularly repair and install new traditional locks, combo locks, and any variety of electronic security locks for businesses.
  • Panic Bars: Though many people don’t know what they’re called, almost everyone is familiar with the large metal bar or “latch” on office doors. These panic bars play an essential role in human safety; allowing customers, employees, and visitors to leave a building quickly and without the need for any codes or keys in the event of an emergency. Real-Time Locksmith installs, repairs, and upgrades panic bars in businesses of all sizes.

Key Duplication

One of our most simple services is also one of our most popular and vital.

Our key duplication service gives our customers options and an opportunity to make extra keys for family, emergencies, friends, and employees.

Quick and affordable, our key duplication services will save you time and hassle.

Why choosing us?

We know that our customers want a fast, affordable, and reputable service above all else.

When you hire Real-Time Locksmith, you get that and a lot more.

We place a heavy emphasis on customer service and giving our customers peace of mind.

We strive to meet and exceed customer expectations while adhering to strict high standards for customer service and results.

If you aren’t happy, we are not satisfied.

Our staff is professional, friendly, experienced, and is ready to address any queries and concerns you may have.

In addition to all of those above, we’ll offer you a free quote before we begin any work, so there’s no risk in contacting us.