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Laser Key Cutting Services in San Jose.

Earlier on, car keys had bumps and ridges. Today, keys are now flat and smooth along the outer edges.

laser key cutting in san jose
Laser Key Cutting
Service in San Jose

These sophisticated keys are hard to duplicate and provides better security for your car.

The smooth and flat key defines the laser cut key.

The difference between a traditional key and a laser key is the fact that the latter is difficult to duplicate.

Unlike the traditional keys that a local keysmith would replicate, laser cut keys are unique with equally unique door locks.

Therefore, if you happened to lock your key in the car, it would be difficult to pick the locks as well as get a spare key for your car.

There are different types of laser-cut keys, which include but not limited to;

  • Transponder programming
  • car key fob replacement
  • laser key cutting services

    Car computer re-flash
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  • mechanical auto key cutting
  • Car key fob remote programming

Laser-cut keys are specially designed for your car.

This factor is what makes this type of keys special.

They have transponders that communicate with the security system in the ignition.

Most noteworthy, transponder programming is not

every guy’s job. That is why you will find many car owners taking their cars to their dealership.

However, when you find a professional automotive locksmith in San Jose, they could be able to program a new key after you prove ownership of the car.

Advantages of using laser cut car keys

First, since they are hard to duplicate, it means that it is hard for someone to steal your car.

This translates to low insurance premiums. To copy this key, you need to have access to the expensive cutting machines.

Also, a laser-cut car key is functions efficiently than any other key in the market. This is due to its precision cutting.

To add to its security, it has a transponder that matches that one in your car.

This chip has to be within the area the vehicle is for the engine to start.

Thus, it needs more than the metal key to operate your car using this key.

Laser-cut keys are stronger than the traditional car keys. They cannot break or bend easily.

Also, these keys have a unique design which makes it very difficult to pick the locks this key is designed to open.

Types of laser car keys

There are two types of laser car keys, the mechanical cut key, and the auto laser key.

Auto laser key

An auto laser key is a regular key that you open the locks or start the ignition with, only that it has a transponder chip.

This chip needs to be programmed for the key to be functional.

This auto laser key is also different in that it is thicker.

It also has a slit that goes to the center of the key instead of having notches cut along the side of the key.

Laser car keys

Replaced a broken mini cooper key san jose
Replaced a broken mini cooper key

Laser keys are sometimes referred to as the internal keys due to the slit it has on either side of the key.

This makes it easy to insert this key in the ignition.

Also, it is known as the sidewinder keys because of the wavy shape of the slit.

Moreover, these keys come in a switchblade design where the key folds down in the fob and comes out when needed with the help of a button.

All these designs are to make the vehicles more secure from theft.

Earlier on, people viewed these keys as a luxury, but due to the benefits they bring along, they have become more popular.

Laser key cutting services

Laser key cutting ordinary types of car keys is cut mechanically, and the machines are readily available.

This makes the service cheap. However, or laser car keys, the machines are pricey and cannot be found in the hardware stores.

This makes it hard to duplicate or cut the key once it is lost.

You will need to go back to the dealership, which is expensive or you can find a professional who can offer this service.

Laser key cutting and programming services require an experienced, skilful, and knowledgeable automotive locksmith.

When you need laser key cutting in San Jose, the place to be is Real-Time Locksmith.