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Have you moved into a new home? Does your lock feel stiff and can be a pain to turn, or has it gone the other way and is so loose that you feel like your key may just fall out? Does your door feel tight or loose and require a push or a pull to lock and unlock? Is the lock damaged, cracked, or missing screws? These are a few of the key reasons to invest in a new lock.

Here at Real Time Locksmith Services, we understand your needs more than anyone and we know the value of a home that is safe and secure. Is a faulty or worn lock the best line of defense for a would-be burglar? It is certainly not! You need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, and you should feel secure in your home.

We possess the know-how and the capability to change your locks. The knowledge of safety is important, and we are the right fit to do the job. We have the experience, the understanding, the drive, and the ability to provide you with the service you need and the comfort you expect. We take our job, our service, and your safety seriously.


Residential Lock Change

Our Residential Lock Change service is the absolute top of the line. We can service a variety of needs, such as:

The security of your home must always be up to the highest standard. Your locks are one of the biggest contributors to the safety you need. It is essential that you maintain sturdy, and well-functioning locks. There is never a reason that you should have to deal with a lock that isn’t functioning efficiently.

We are the service that you call when you get locked out of the house, or for the many reasons that your lock may have fallen below the quality that you should accept. At Real Time Locksmith Services, we are equipped to handle a variety of services that your home may need. We possess the training and the desire to ensure your safety.


House/Apartments Lock Change

Moving into a new house or apartment is an exciting time, but have you considered who else may have keys to your new living space? There is no guarantee that this will be a problem, but why take that risk? Real Time Locksmith Services is here to maximize the safety of your home. We will provide you with the comfort of knowing that you have secured yourself and your family to the best of your ability.

If you have lost or forgotten the keys to your house or apartment, give us a call and our trained and knowledgeable locksmith service providers will unlock your home and can even make you replacement keys on the job!

We all have busy lives and there will be times that some things simply slip our minds. If you leave the house and forget your keys inside, we can help you. That lock on your front door that has been steadily becoming looser over the years and now takes several minutes to operate upon returning home, you know the one, we can resolve that issue speedily and affordably.


Commercial Lock Change

Every business is unique and has its own different security needs. Here at Real Time Locksmith Services, we are prepared and capable to handle them all. From small offices to large factories, we offer the ability to secure your property to the highest standards.

Larger companies may require a more complex security situation, and master key systems that allow varying access levels to employees and workers are a prime candidate to accommodate this requirement. Our locksmith technicians are knowledgeable, tactful, and most importantly ready to service your needs.

Our locksmith professionals are familiar with federal, state, and local laws that regulate the safety of employees. You own the business, you have enough on your plate, worrying about the security of your business when it comes to break-ins and theft is not where your mind should be. However, your business has expensive and hard-earned equipment that is operated by trusted and valued employees. Safety is your top concern. We understand that and we can provide the safety and security that you need.


Office/Stores Lock Change

There is a unique aspect to a business that residences do not face, the need to remain open and inviting to customers. A multitude of people come in and out of your business each day. In a residential environment, a lock may not be used every single day, but for a business they are. This leads to enhanced wear and tear and the possibility of issues arising quickly.

When you leave the building that houses your business you need to know that everything inside is being protected. A faulty or damaged lock is an easier target than a fully functioning and operational one. Go home with the comfort of knowing that your business is secured.

At Real Time Locksmith Services, we can and will provide that feeling of security. We offer services to repair, replace, or change your locks, rekey, implement a master key system, install new locks, and more. We are the service that you have been looking for!


Frequently Asked Questions

What locksmith services do you provide?

We can do it all! Whatever your needs are, we can and will meet them.

Are you insured and licensed?

Yes, we are! When security is what you are after, you only want to hire the professionals. We are fully licensed and insured, and our locksmith professionals are happy to provide you with their state-issued security license upon request.

Are your services reliable?

All of our services are fully reliable. We aim to provide you with the best service possible and we do not rest until that goal has been met. If there is a problem, we will return and correct the issue free of charge. We are confident in our work and we take pride in the services we provide.

How do I get an estimate?

All you need to do is give us a call! We offer a variety of services at affordable and acceptable prices. We can handle all of your lock service needs. We don’t just call ourselves the best, we aim to prove it to each customer.

Are your locksmith professionals certified?

Yes, they are. When it comes to performing the service of securing the safety of your house, apartment, business, store, office, or any other residence or dwelling, we take the required measures to ensure that we can do the job. All of our technicians are fully certified and capable of handling your needs.

Where can I find the best locksmith service near me?

You’ve found it! Here at Real Time Locksmith Services, we strive to provide the highest quality service, because we know that is what you expect. We are the best around and we’re right here near you! We can be at your residence, business, or office in no time and we possess the tools to solve your issues.

How do I know which locksmith service is appropriate for me?

We are confident in our ability to service all of your locksmith needs, but having said that, it is always important to do your research on any service you are thinking about using. We know we have the expertise and we value the opportunity to prove it, so if you select us your needs will always be our top priority.

How soon with the locksmith professional arrive?

Our technicians are always conscious of the timely needs of our customers, as such, they will arrive as soon as they can. We pride ourselves on our punctuality.

How long will it take the locksmith technician to complete my job?

This depends on a variety of factors and issues, but we can ensure you that our locksmith professionals will work as quickly as the job allows while maintaining the highest quality of work they are expected to deliver. Your time is precious and you value it, we understand that and we aim to be as prompt and speedy as we can be.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept all cash and all major credit cards.

Do you provide receipts?

We absolutely do. When the technician has completed the job, they will provide you with a detailed receipt of all services rendered and the payment for those services that were issued.


Why Choose Us?

Here at Real Time Locksmith Services, we offer a wide variety of services that can fulfill the needs and solve the issues that you have. We offer the best service at affordable and acceptable prices. Whether you need a lock installed, changed, replaced, or repaired, replacement keys, a master key system, or any of our other services, we are fully confident in our ability to provide you with a service that will not only meet your expectations but exceed them!

We are fully licensed and insured and our locksmith technicians are certified. We take our job and your safety very seriously. We claim to be the best, and we are excited to prove it. At Real Time Locksmith Services, we offer the highest quality work that you will find in our profession. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and work out a manner of resolving the issues you have.


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For the best response times please give us a call! Real Time Locksmith Services is always open to new business and we are eager to correct the problems you have concerning your locks. Safety is a priority in life, and we are your go-to for that need!