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It can happen outside of a grocery store, in front of your home, and even at the end of your workday.

24/7 car lockout service in san jose
Emergency car lockout in San Jose

You walk to your vehicle, reach for your keys, and discover after searching that your keys are locked inside of your car.

Seeing your keys swinging in your vehicle’s ignition or sitting on a seat can be annoying to the point of frustration and anger.

Once people reach these emotional states, their ability to make the right decisions diminishes considerably, and once panic sets in things only get worse.

While discovering that you’ve locked your keys in your car can be emotionally trying, it’s important to remember that things like panic and fear aren’t necessary.

Calling in a reputable and trusted locksmith will save you not only time and money but plenty of headaches as well.

Whether your scenario is an emergency or not, Real-Time Locksmith can be onsite in a matter of minutes and have you back in your vehicle and on your way just as quickly.

We can open any locked car, no matter its make, model, or age. We’ll also cut new/additional keys for you onsite.

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Additional Lockouts

Often, car owners will misplace their keys or have them stolen yet need access to a glove box, trunk, or other locked storage space within their vehicle.

Our team of talented locksmiths can open these locks for you as well.

Not only that but they also repair and replace these locks and can extract broken keys from these locks as well.

Of course, having a backup set of keys can help you out of a sticky situation and so our team can create new keys for you on the spot as well.

Dealerships And Auto shops

Although it may be tempting, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar neighborhood, calling a dealership or auto shop when you’ve locked your keys in your car isn’t the greatest of ideas.

The reason being…both options are considerably more expensive than a traditional locksmith.

Moreover, both garages and dealerships will require you to have your vehicle towed to them.

Towing costs come out of your pocket too by the way.

Conversely, we can be on-site in a matter of minutes and have you back on your way without the hassle or significant delay.

We are also far more inexpensive than are dealerships and garages.

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All Keys

It is a common misconception that locksmiths have trouble or cannot work with transponders.

Nothing could be further from the truth; however, as modern locksmiths are capable of getting into any vehicle, whether they utilize traditional key locks or the more modern key fob.

Should your transponder key malfunction we can also create a new one for you and reprogram the ones we retrieve.

Better yet, all of the aforementioned is done on-site negating the need for both a prolonged wait and overpriced dealership services.

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A car lockout in San Jose

San Jose’s Premier Locksmith

Throughout a decade-plus, Real-Time Locksmith has become San Jose’s most trusted and recommended locksmith.

Through our adherence to high customer service standards and working to exceed customer expectations, we have built a rapport with and earned the respect of the community.

Our locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and even on holidays. No matter what time of day it is nor the season, we are here for you.

Our friendly and experienced staff can provide you with a free quote over the phone and will never change the cost of work after it’s been completed.

In this way, we seek to foster trust in our customers and give them the peace of mind they need when faced with being locked out of their vehicle or unable to start it.

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