Office Locksmith San Jose

Office Locksmith San Jose
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There are an innumerable amount of offices in the San Jose area, all of which utilize locks to varying degrees.
office locksmith san jose
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While many business owners and managers tend to think only of entry and exit ways when they think of locks, locks protect a business in ways far greater than simply controlling who might enter a place of work.
Depending on the type of business, there may be a need to protect data, actual product, and of course the need to regulate which employees can access which areas within a building.

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There is then the issue of items such as safes and lock-boxes, both of which can house and protect cash and the most sensitive of data, files, and information.
Those businesses with server rooms will, of course, need a great deal of security in order to protect their computer systems and data banks.
All of the aforementioned are issues that Real-Time Locksmith has assisted businesses with for over a decade.
We are San Jose’s premier office locksmith service and we prioritize customer satisfaction.
We deliver superior locksmith services to business via our quick response time, our emergency services, our integrity, our free quotes, and unparalleled customer service.

Comprehensive Locksmith Services For Businesses

We service all manner of businesses in the San Jose area. Big or small, bank or restaurant, our San Jose locksmith services can help!

Safe And Vaults

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Safes and vaults are the height of security for businesses that deal with money and highly valuable goods.
As such both must make use of state of the art locks and locking systems in order to keep their property safe.
Real-Time Locksmith can install safes and vaults but also repairs them as well.
Let us help you make your business and it’s belongings as safe and secure as possible.


Operating a business often requires restricting access to both your office and specific rooms within your office.
Server rooms are a great example of this as allowing only those in your IT department into these rooms minimizes risk and ensures that your infrastructure remains intact and healthy.
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One of the most efficient ways to restrict access to specific rooms or even your entire building is to utilize high tech locks like keypads and even key card systems.
Real-Time Locksmith is highly adept at installing and repairing both.
We’ll leave your office more secure than ever once our work has been completed.
It’s worth noting that we also reprogram high tech locking systems and can even create new key cards onsite for your convenience.

Master Keys

Master keys put the power of access into the hands of a specific individual.
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Furthermore, this gives such persons the ability to grant or deny employees access to areas in an office.
Master key systems are also beneficial because it makes keeping track of who goes into which area very easy.
This, in turn, raises culpability as it becomes a great deterrent to wrongdoers.
Master key systems can be installed at offices small and large and in the unlikely event of a compromise, we can reprogram master key systems as well.


While they may not boast the added security of high tech locks, deadbolts are still a fantastic, effective, and affordable way to protect your office, it’s employees, and it’s property.
Deadbolts require no programming or the creation of specialized cards so installation can be completed quickly, even when multiple are being set up.
In addition to the aforementioned, deadbolts can be utilized all-around an office and not just at its entryways.

Security/Surveillance Equipment

Businesses serious about security will often opt to have some type of surveillance equipment installed on, in, and sometimes around their office.
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This is because surveillance equipment allows a business to watch everything that’s happening both inside and outside it’s building.
In terms of being a deterrent to crime or wrongdoing, very few people behave badly when they know they’re being watched.
At Real Time Locksmith, we install all varieties of security and surveillance technologies.
These include closed-circuit television systems, remote cameras, wireless technologies, and even those that work with smart devices.

Office Emergencies

Locks break, key cards fail, keys are misplaced, and systems are sometimes compromised.
Other times employees find themselves locked out of their workplace.
Whatever the emergency may be, Real-Time Locksmith can help. We offer emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
We can cut new keys in the middle of the night right at the job site and we can repair locks if need be.
Whatever the lock-related emergency might be, we can help and bring you and your business peace of mind.

Company’s Vehicle Locksmith

Your best employees are often given company cars in order to look as professional as possible.
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Well, just because these people are highly valuable employees driving nice cars doesn’t mean they won’t find themselves locked out of these cars from time to time.
Keys get left in the ignition, on a seat, and are sometimes misplaced in transit to and from a car.
Our locksmiths can bypass any lock, old fashioned or modern, in order to get your employees back on their way.
In the event your employees’ keys have been lost or broken, we’ll cut them new keys on the spot.
We can also program new key fobs for them.
Moreover, we are available around the clock so your employees will never be left stranded or stuck.

Why Hire San Jose Office Locksmith Services?

Real-Time Locksmith has been servicing the San Jose area for over a decade.
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Our commitment to outstanding customer service and shattering expectations never waivers.
Our technicians respond to every call within minutes and perform their work on the quote you were originally given.
We believe the foundation of a successful business lies in a company’s ability to satisfy its clients and we are constantly striving for excellence.
We build a rapport with our clients in order to foster peace of mind and a strong sense of trust.
Whether your lock-related issues occur in your actual office or are tired of company vehicles, rest easy knowing we are a mere phone call away.