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Where to Order a New Replacement Key for Mercedes Benz

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Are you you searching for a new Mercedes-Benz key? If you own a Mercedes Benz, and need a re-keying service than you came to the right place. Throughout this post we will go over some useful tips and support right here that will help you with all your urging Mercedes key questions.

Keys for Older Mercedes-Benz

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Mercedes doesn’t create new keys for their older cars. In general, if you have a pre-2000 Mercedes-Benz, you might find it challenging to look for a key replacement. We recommend you to call your dealer, if they refuse to help out, than keep reading.

Call a locksmith that offers services for European cars. That is due to the fact that there is a high likeliness that they own a device used in this manner, including the AK500 programmer.

Remember that only a few of the locksmiths around the world have the capabilities to create a key replacement for your old Mercedes Benz. But there is still a possibility that you can find a locksmith that can give you the service that you want.

How to Order a New Mercedes Replacement Key

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automotive locksmith San Jose

Want to get a key replacement for your new Mercedes car? Well, there is no need for you to take your old keys or even your car with you. Your dealer will order your perfect car key with the use of your VIN number. As being stated, they have strict regulations when it comes to verifying ownership.

Follow the listed steps below if you are;

The current owner of the vehicle

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    Check the nearest dealer of Mercedes-Benz in your area.

  • As for your existing car registration. If your car is not yet registered, the original title will be used by your dealer.
  • Following that, ask for your identity card. If you have none, you might consider using your passport card, or even your driver’s license.
  • After getting at least one of the requirements we have mentioned above, directly go to your dealer.
  • Give them your requirements. You will also need to pay them about 200 US Dollars to 300 US Dollars as an exchange for your new keys. In other situations, the costs for the new keys are ranging from 560 US Dollars to 600 US Dollars. This is according to the current owners of Mercedes-Benz.
  • You are required to wait patiently for about three days to four days for the shipping time of your keys to your dealer. The keys are being constructed in the USA. It only means that if you are living in San Jose, you need to wait for a minimum of 5 days. Even though it is quite long, you can ensure that your wait will be worth while.

If you are not the current owner of the vehicle

The following are the documents that you need to bring to your dealer if you are not the current owner of the Mercedes-Benz.

  • A dated and signed authorization letter is coming from the previous owner of the car is requesting for a new car.


  • Consider using a Mercedes key cover to secure your keys
  • If the fob shell of your key has been damaged, replace it.
  • Have an original copy of the needed documents
  • If your keys have been stolen somewhere in San Jose, you can immediately take your vehicle to its dealer to disable the stolen keys to ensure that it is safe from the one who stole its keys.