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I left my house keys at my place of work and did not realize until I got to my residence.

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I was stranded and did not know what to do, and going back to the house for work was not an option since it is a far distance.

I decided to call my neighbor to help me break the padlock seeing it was the only option I had.

It was then that my neighbor gave me the contact of Real-Time Locksmith.

It is a company around my town, and my neighbor said it had the most reliable technician I could get.

Two men were at my location within fifteen minutes with the right tools to pick my padlocks.

They were able to pick the lock without damaging it. I’m still using the latch until now.

They are skillful and reliable.  The perfect partner to call in times of locksmith emergencies.

Padlock repair

Padlocks are the most used type of locks in residential areas and commercial areas.

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People consider using these locks since they are cheap and available in the market.

Padlocks come for various kinds, from near to sophisticated fasteners that are highly secure.

No matter the quality of your lock, they sometimes become faulty. It becomes hard to either close or open them.

In circumstances like these, we all go lubrication to fix them.

However, not all times, this will work.

When lubrication fails, we render the padlock useless and throw it away.

With the right padlock locksmith, your lock can be repaired. We offer affordable padlock repair for all our clients.

All you need is to call us.

Tools and methods used to unlock a padlock

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Many are the times we lose our keys and end up breaking our padlocks to get access to our homes.

Seeing that this is a major problem facing many homeowners, it is worthy that we, a padlock locksmith company, show how you can pick your padlock in case you misplace your house key.

Using bobby pins or paperclips

The first thing you do when using bobby pins is making a lock pin and a tension wrench.

The tension wrench is made by bending the close end of a bobby pin until it makes a 90 degrees angle with the rest of the pin.

The single-pin pick is made by unbending the bobby pin until its straight.

When you have done so, bend the flat end slightly upwards.

You, therefore, need two bobby pins for this.

In case you have no bobby pins, the wrench and the ick can be made from paper clips

Once you have the wrench and the pick, you now insert the bent end of the tension bar into the keyhole.

This should help keep the keyhole open as you are picking the lock.

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After doing so, rotate the tension wrench as if you are opening the lock with a key.

Since the lock is locked, the wrench won’t go far but try to rotate as much as you can and hold it with your finger to maintain pressure.

Finally, insert the single pin pick into the keyhole and push it inside as much as you can.

Different padlocks have different series of pins that need to be raised for the lock to open.

To find the pin at the furthest end, push up the lock until you feel something go up.

Keep pushing the pins in the row until you get to the last once all the pins are up, the cylinder should be in a position to turn and the lock pop open.

Other tools used for Padlock service;

Also, there are two tools we commonly use to unlock locks. These are;

Tremmel tool  Is a small tool resembling a carving tool that locks the lock.

The angle grinder is used when all other means fail and therefore not so common.

All the tools and methods we use to open your padlock will leave no damage to your padlock.

Besides we have the experience and the skills necessary to offer quality services. In case you want help choosing the right padlock for your place, we are here to help.

Real Time Locksmith provides professional padlock locksmith near you. Do not hesitate to call us for padlock related services.