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“Remember that time when you were in an emergency and needed immediate help with something? Well, I found myself in the situation last week, when I had a package to deliver to one of my clients, only to see a jammed padlock on my front door. It was getting late, and being a company with high a reputation, I could not allow myself to deliver the package late. So, I called in a professional locksmith company that I knew. Upon answering, I described my problem to the attendants at Real-Time Locksmith, and in less than 15 minutes, I had an expert trying to get me in. In another 10 minutes, I already had the package, and I was on my way to make the delivery.”

From the catalog left behind about their services, they are sure well equipped to deal with any padlock emergency. Talk of a jammed lock lost the key, a key replacement, a damaged lock, or even a new lock installation, they have got you covered. They offer a wide range of padlock services which include:

  • Awarded padlocks for residential and commercial premises

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  • Padlock installation services
  • Padlock removals
  • How to pick a padlocks
  • Padlock key duplications

Types of padlocks

Padlocks come in a wide variety, depending on what you are looking for. In terms of security grade, there is a multitude to choose from. However, there are three main types of padlocks. These are the standard padlocks, the one you think about whenever you hear of a padlock since they are the most common. Then, there are the disk padlocks, also known as the shackle padlocks. These are a better option compared to the standard lock because they have better security features. Lastly, there are the hockey puck padlocks, which are one of the highest security grades padlocks in the market.

From these three types, you can then get the solid steel padlocks, the shrouded padlocks, solid brass padlocks, and many more. Just remember that when you want a padlock for your residential applications, Real-Time Locksmith has a vast padlock options.

Padlock installation

The process of using a padlock is quite simple, but to achieve the desired purpose for your home, you need to install a hasp, before thinking of using a padlock. The process is simple, and all you need is a set of few tools to help you drill through, maintain a straight connection, and gain the most from it. When you embark on installing a hasp on your door, mailbox, cabinet, desk, or even on the drawers, make sure that you fix it well to avoid inconvenience in the future. Also, since the hasp has two parts, one on the door and the other on the wall, make sure that they are aligned to avoid damaging the lock before you even start to use it. If you do not know what hasp to use for your padlock, do not hesitate to consult an expert Locksmith.

Padlock picking

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Have you found yourself locked out of your home? It could be that you lost your key, broke it in the lock or even had a frozen padlock on your door. Whatever the case is, do not hesitate to call in a professional Locksmith in San Jose. It is essential to hire a professional because they have the experience and license to pick locks. Therefore, if you have a jammed lock, or you need to get into your house and have no keys to open your padlock, do not worry. When it comes to picking locks, we have some of the most awarded in the industry. To top it off, we are keen to ensure that you do not have to incur any cost of replacing the padlock. We will get you inside your home in no time and leave you with a properly functioning lock.

Key duplication for your padlock

After you lose your key or need a spare key for your padlock, call usand we got you covered. When you need help getting a new key for your padlock, all we need are the specifications of the padlock and a look at the pin and tumbler arrangement. Then, using the latest technology in the market, we can duplicate your key. With laser cutting technology, you can be sure that the key you get for your padlock will be the same as the original one.

Whenever you need urgent padlock services, do not hesitate to contact us today!