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Professional Lock Rekey services in San Jose.

A better home does not necessarily involve an elaborate, complicated, hard to operate, and expensive lock system.

I learned this when I went to a locksmith in San Jose inquiring about how to make my home safe.

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When asked what the problem was, I explained to them how I had lost my keys countable times in the past, and now I feel it is time I got a new lock for my home.

The first question the attendant asked me was whether I had considered rekeying my home.


What is rekeying, and how do you go about it?

The question rang in my mind, and since I already had the professional’s attention, I decided to ask. From the interaction, I was glad I went to them for a rekey service in San Jose.

What is rekeying

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According to the very experienced locksmith, a rekey service is straightforward to implement.

This is because it not only takes up less time compared to the complete replacement but also saves a lot of cash.

So, a rekeying service is a simple process where an expert replaces some pins, springs, and tumblers in your lock.

As a result, you will have a new key for the lock, while the old key becomes useless.

Therefore, you no longer have to worry about a lost key. With a new lock configuration, your home becomes safer, and you can have some peace of mind.

When do I need to have my locks rekeyed?

Rekeying services are an essential aspect when it comes to boosting the security of your home.

There are many reasons you would need a rekeying service.

These include:

  • When you have a new home
  • After a break-in
  • Security upgrade
  • Need to change your keys
  • Lock re-key

Moving into a new home

When you move into a new home, one that had other inhabitants, it is wise to take some time to inspect the locks.

Sometimes, the realtor will give you the full set of keys to the house.

But you do not know whether there were other copies of the same key made in the past.

If you have doubts and do not want to deal with angry tenants evicted in the past, then it could be wise to rekey your home.

With this service, you will only have the correct keys for the locks, rendering the old ones obsolete.

When you need better security for your home

It comes a time when you feel the need to boost the security of your home.

As a result, you venture into plans of buying a new lockset and installing them.

However, let us pause for a minute and think about the cost of all this.

Well, it will be quite high when you go for a new set.

However, why falter in your plans to make your home safer when you can change the combination of your old locks?

With the right professional help, you will be able to change the entire locks system to use a new key, while maintaining the old lock.

After a break-in

Did robbers get into your home without any signs of forced entry?

Do you fear that maybe they already had a key to your locks?

Well, then do something about it. Call in a professional and have him/her rekey the locks in your home.

The next time they think of coming back, the robbers will face quite the resistance from the new arrangement of your locks.

If you are dealing with old keys

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When you realize that your keys are old and you need a new set, it is essential to check on the integrity of the lock too.

This is because when the key wears out, there is a high chance the lock was also wearing out.

If you need to replace the key for a new, better and more effective one, then you could consider rekeying your locks.

With a new set of pins and springs, the old arrangement is replaced with a new one, while you get a new key.

The best lock rekey services in San Jose

When you want a variety of options when it is time to replace your lock, think of rekeying.

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Any lock in your home is their field of expertise.

With some of the best prices in town, you can be sure that you will have a new key at the end of the process.

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