Rim Cylinder lock services

Rim Cylinder lock services
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Rim Cylinder Lock Services

Commonly found on timber and wooden doors, the rim cylinder lock is one of the simplest locks to install on a door.

Besides being cheap to replace after extensive damage, it is as well a very easily changeable lock.

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This is because you only have to replace the rim, rather than the entire lock.

However, there is one major disadvantage of the rim cylinder locks.

If you have a non-security rim cylinder lock, then you are not guarded against drilling, bumping or picking.

According to an expert from Real Time Locksmith, it is quite simple to find the non-security cylinder locks.

“When I went in with a request for the more secure type, he had a lot to tell me.

I got out of their shop having received the best rim cylinder lock services in the history of locksmith services.

I was satisfied with the results, their prices, efficiency, attention to detail, and their friendly services.”

Let’s begin with the level of security.

What is the most secure rim cylinder lock in the market?

When you go into the store thinking of the best rim cylinder lock to buy for your business, you must be thinking of the most secure lock on the market.

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When you decide on it, you will need to find a professional to help you decipher the level of security of the rim cylinder lock you buy.

Some may turn out to be fraudulent, but when you step into Real Time Locksmith, you can be sure that you will only receive legit services.

When you want the best out of a rim cylinder lock service, what do you look out for? With this knowledge, you can follow the tests done by the locksmith.

Anti-drill locks

First, if you are to be safe using a rim cylinder lock, then it needs to be anti-bump.

This means that no matter how much an intruder tried to hit or bump it to open, it remains stable and still hold some integrity.

Next, it should be anti-drill lock. With this feature, no bit, whether meant for metal or stainless steel will get to the pins of your lock.

The burglars will be working in vain while trying to drill the lock.

Lastly, the lock should be anti-pick. Despite the prowess of many thieves, the lock should stand its ground in protecting your business.

This is despite all the lock picking methods the thugs will try to implement on your lock.

How much can you expect to pay for a rim cylinder lock?

If the rim cylinder lock is to offer the maximum security for your commercial space, then you will need to invest in the lock.

This means that you hire the best rim cylinder lock services in the industry while ensuring you use quality products.

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So, when you decide to install a new lock on your doors, this will depend on the level of security you want.

Also, consider the brand, and whether or not you wish to change the whole lock or the cylinder only.

These processes range from about $13 to about $100. However, to be sure about the quality of services you receive, hire Real Time Locksmith today.

With us, you get not only the best rim cylinder lock services, but also the best timing, most affordable prices, and friendliest staff.

What are the various sizes of rim cylinder locks?

Let’s say you are looking to replace the cylinder on your commercial space doors for a more secure one.

You will need professional help.

However, you might end up worrying about the cost, especially if you think that the more secure locks are different from the ones you currently own.

Relax, and take a breath. Because according to the commercial locksmiths at Real Time Locksmith, there is only one standard size for all rim lock cylinders.

Therefore, you can easily replace the barrel of one lock with a more secure or upgraded cylinder, without necessarily changing the lock.

Also, you can quickly rekey your cylinder locks to operate with one master key.

Can I rely on rim cylinder lock service by myself?

Wrong fitting of a rim cylinder lock can cause you a lot of trouble.

You might end up damaging the wooden doors with the locks. Therefore, if you are thinking of replacing the rim locks by yourself, take a moment, and look at your level of experience.

By hiring a professional locksmith for their rim cylinder lock services, you save not only time but also money and get to be more secure and safe.