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Are you one of those SMART car owners who cannot get their spare keys quickly? What’s worse is that you have lost the single key for your SMART vehicle and have a hard time asking for a new spare key. Well, if you are thinking you are the only one experiencing this kind of scenario, you are wrong. Almost all of the Locksmiths considered this as an intimidating issue of Smart cars for numerous reasons. If you are looking for a spare key or new one for your Smart ForTwo vehicle, consider asking some help from our Real-Time Locksmith San Jose.Upon calling our service, you will be presented with lots of options that you might find rather than hauling your SMART car to a dealer.

automotive locksmith San Jose
automotive locksmith San Jose

We cannot deny the fact that many car companies cannot handle this kind of problem. It is because most of the Locksmiths’ programs that are being used to determine the keys that will need to empty the details about them. Well, there is nothing for you to worry because we’ve got your back.

Duplicate Keys for your SMART ForTwo

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If you are looking for the spare key of your Smart vehicle, the Real-Time Locksmith San Jose will provide you with two major choices. Thus, we have listed these choices that you can choose from. It would be a big help for you to decide which option is suitable for your needs. If you want to know more about it, keep on reading.

  1. The Factory Remote Key – the remote head key of OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is considered to be the best key that you can choose for your Smart ForTwo vehicle. The only drawback that you might notice with this option is its higher price rate. One of the main reasons why this option is quite expensive is that it features the “lock and unlock function.” Aside from that, it cannot be denied that OEM is one of the best manufacturers that you can see in San Jose.
  2. The most economical option – the replicated key of the present key of your Smart vehicle is considered to be your cheapest option. The only disadvantage that you might experience once you use this duplicated key is that it does not feature the RKE or the remote keyless entry. It only means that it does not come with a remote. It is a kind of key that you can use in locking or unlocking your door and start your engine and plainly.

All Keys Lost for your Smart ForTwo

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If your car keys have gotten lost, you will have a higher chance of getting stuck inside your house in San Jose. Many of the car owners who experience this situation tend to call the dealer and know their price rate. This is also the way that we recommend for you to do. Remember that your Smart car also needs to be towed, and your dealer will accomplish your vehicle for two or more days.

After giving a call with your dealer, we also recommend you to provide a request to our phone number. We will ensure that you will be amazed by the convenience and price that we will offer.