Spare Key & Car Remote

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A customer had only a regular key, we made him a new remote key

Spare Key and Remote Programming in San Jose.

Having a spare key for your vehicle will always save you in case you lose your key or break them within your lock.

A second car key will help when your car key is worn out and unlocking the doors is taking much time.

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Car key duplication is straightforward and involves cloning an already existing car key.

As well, you get this service at very affordable prices, there is no reason to wait until you lose your car key to get these services.

Call an automotive locksmith

John was worried that he had lost his Dodge car keys and needed a new key.

Worse even, he did not have an idea of how much it would cost to replicate a new key.

The cost of car key replacement is always a decision between going to your car dealership and calling a local car locksmith.

However, going to a dealership might cost an arm and a leg, hence the reason that many people choose to call an automotive locksmith.

Get a spare key

He had made the choice of calling us to handle the key replacement and leave him with a spare key.

Moreover, the hi-security lock and key system required expert programming.

But what are some of the services associated with car key replacement and programming?

Which keys can you program and duplicate easily?

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Freshen-up with car key programming computer.
  • Transponder car keys
  • Standard car key blades
  • VATS keys
  • Chip keys
  • Car key fobs etc.

All types of car keys can be duplicated. It all depends on the specialist you rely on.

New car models have sophisticated keys that need more advanced machines to get a duplicate key.

For this, you will need a professional who is on par with the development going on in the vehicular world.

Type of car keys that you can get a spare

Standard car keys

These are simple keys, often for the old car models. They are made from solid metal.

This key is easy to duplicate and even to cut it. These keys are readily available in stores, and if they get to the wrong hands, your car is at risk.

Transponder keys

This key can easily be differentiated from other essentials since it has a plastic shell covering the top of the key.

Underneath this cover, a transponder key has an electronic ship that primarily makes this key.

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This chip is the one responsible for sending signals to the car’s system. When the vehicle gets the message, it responds according to the command given.

This key has a safety feature where it protects your car form auto-theft. In case a thief duplicates this key, he will not access the car for the key has to be programmed to function.

With the rise in the use of this key, cutting and duplication services are readily available.

VATS keys

These keys are not popular among many car owners. They are probably the newest car keys that ex.

They are highly sophisticated keys that provide advanced security to your car.

This key resembles a transponder key only that their blades are different.

VATS keys have an electric resistor on the blade.

Key cutting and duplication services for this key are not popular in stores, and only a few professionals have the technology to duplicate it.

Techniques of duplicating key

Automatic impression

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car locksmith, on-demand.

There is always an easy way to go about everything.

An automated key copier duplicates a key faster and is convenient when copying several keys.

It works using bitting codes. This code is an instruction on how to cut the key. The code used always corresponds to the bittings of the key.

Manual key impression

Here, a locksmith fits a blank key to the door locks.

This blank key has some ink which creates an impression from the locking device.

When the blank key is turned in the lock and taken out, it has markings on how the pins in the lock are situated.

The locksmith then tries to duplicate how the pins are aligned.

Car key replacement and programming is such a complex process that should only be handled by an expert auto locksmith.

Otherwise, you might fall in the wrong hands and get the worst of services.

When you are thinking of a perfect technician for the job, then think about Real-Time Locksmith.

We will get you a new spare key in the shortest time possible.