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Why do you need a transponder key for your car?

For a car key to be a transponder key, it has to have a transponder chip in it.

This cheap acts a security feature to increase the levels of proper user verification.

The transponder chip is responsible for sending signals to the car, and until the vehicle’s trans-receiver gets the right message, the car will not start.

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The primary service related to transponder car keys is programming services. For the key to send a signal to the car, the key has to be programmed.

When this key is not programmed correctly, it can open and the trunk but cannot start the vehicle.

But are there situations when the transponder would fail? The answer is yes! Worse even, you might not know what the exact problem is.

It could be an issue with the responder in the car, or the transmitter itself. It could be possible that the battery in the car key fob could be depleted.

So, you have to be sure that the diagnostics are accurate before starting out with either transponder repair or replacement.

Being the best automotive locksmith in San Jose we are whizzes in transponder services.

We carry out computer diagnostic to identify the problem, then come up with the right solution. But what other services characterize transponder services?

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  • Transponder key programming
  • In-car transponder key programming
  • Chip key programming
  • Remote key programming
  • Transponder repair and replacement

Transponder key cutting and programming

Transponder key cutting is not as straightforward as you may think. Nowadays, transponder keys have additional security features that make cutting and duplicating them difficult. It requires expensive machines and experience to cut a transponder key.

This requires a professional with these sophisticated machines to complete the job.

There are two ways to program your transponder car key. You can either do it inside your vehicle or using a remote.

In-car transponder key programing

Some car models will require you to program the key while inside the vehicle.

In in-car programming, it is possible to program the chip without a working key.

Once you cut the key using a code, your auto locksmith will look for the code that the transceiver is searching for.

you copy this code on a blank key. For this method to function, the key has to be unused and not programmed before.

It is therefore crucial that you are cautious of the places you purchase the key to avoid aftermarket car keys.

During this process also, it is essential to erase information of any previous keys used to operate the car.

Erasing this info is simple, and all the technician does is to access your vehicles onboard diagnostics port which gives them access to the car’s computer.

The process might take a while, but it is worth waiting.

Remote location transponder key programming

Car computer programming
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For this technique, you can program the key using an already existing key without involving the car at all.

This method can work with some car models and keys and fail I others.

Some will require some manipulation within the vehicle even after programming in a different location.

Your trusted locksmith should be able to tell you whether this type of programming can work on your car or not.

Is it possible to program the chip by myself?

It is possible to program a transponder chip without the need to call a professional in some cases.

To make this possible, you need a set of two working keys. But it only works on some types of vehicles.

However, the process can be challenging doing it on your won since vehicles have different process patterns and programming methods.

If you are aware of this information about your car, it should be an easy task, but you will need some supplies to complete it.

But why go through all these struggles and spend while purchasing the supplies while you could call a professional?

A professional has the skills and is knowledgeable to handle the task fast and efficiently.

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