Automotive Locksmith San Jose

Here are some of our automotive locksmith services:

Automobile Locksmith San Jose

It doesn’t often happen (Car Lockout), but when it does, being locked out of your vehicle can induce feelings of fear, panic, anger, and frustration.

Some people will succumb to their panic and either try to break into their car, thereby damaging it or they’ll pay the first person they can find for help.

automobile locksmith San Jose
An emergency car lockout in San Jose

You may find yourself in an unfamiliar neighborhood, you may be late for work, or you may need to pick up your kids from school but panicking only makes things worse and can prolong the process of getting you back in your car.

Should you find, yourself locked out of your car, your first course of action should be to look for a reputable local San Jose auto-lock & ignition technician.

There are always a significant number of locksmiths operating in any given city and while it’s tempting to hire the first one you come across when you’re upset, it behooves you to steady your nerves and do a few minutes of research.

Utilizing your mobile phone, you should read reviews to determine if a technician is worth hiring. In lieu of a working phone, you might also consider speaking with persons at gas stations and other places of business.

dodge remote programming san jose
We will create a new remote and key for your Dodge

Word of mouth is always a good indicator of both qualities of service and reputation.

Here, we work quickly and carefully so that you can get back into your vehicle and back on the road.

We are available 24/7 365 days a year so there’s no reason for panic or worry in the event of a lockout…no matter what time of day or year it might happen to be.

Ignition Repair
Ignition Repair


Car Key Replacement

We’ve all been there before. You’re on your way out the door, and you suddenly realize you don’t have your car keys.

Try as you might, you search high and low to no avail; your car keys are lost.

While some folks are quick to call a cab, Uber, or friend for a lift, this action only delays the inevitable. Your keys will still need to be found lest you continue paying for alternate transportation.

When you are unable to locate misplaced car keys or fear they’ve been stolen you needn’t be hasty in paying for an alternative ride.

Instead, you can and should contact us here at Real Time Locksmith.

We can not only provide you with a free quote but we can be onsite in a matter of minutes and can cut new keys on the spot.

asap car locksmith - Think Big.
Real-time car locksmith, just works!

This gets you back in your car and on your way sooner rather than later.

It also negates the need to find another ride to work, school, the store, etc.

More to the point, having new keys made is more affordable than paying for a ride, and you won’t have to burden someone with dropping you off and picking you up.

Fixing the problem right off the bat is your best course of action when your keys are nowhere to be found.

Our auto mobile locksmith lab in San Jose & Campbell
Our mobile locksmith lab serves the greater San Jose area


Ignition Repair

There are fewer things more disheartening and frustrating as a failing ignition switch.

Like any other piece of machinery, a vehicle’s ignition switch has the potential to wear down and fail over time.

Wear and tear aside for a moment; ignition switches can also fail when keys break off inside of them, or children insert objects into them.

Regardless of why your ignition switch isn’t working; however San Jose Locksmith has your back and can get you back on your way in no time.

Not only do we repair ignition switches in vehicles but we can replace them too.

It matters not whether your car is old or new nor what make and model it might be, our talented team of experts can resolve the issue with your ignition.

We do all our work on-site so that wait time is kept to a minimum.

Realtime automobile locksmith San Jose friendly staff will be happy to field any questions you may have both before and during the job.

We aren’t satisfied unless you are, and we believe customer satisfaction begins with phenomenal customer service and ends with a job done well.

car key replacement in San Jose and Campbell
We serve car dealers & city impound lots


Broken Key Extraction San Jose

Although keys are fairly strong, especially when they’re new, they do become more fragile after months and years of use.

Sometimes fragile & bent keys are inserted into any of the various keyholes in a vehicle and subsequently, break off or into multiple pieces.

When this occurs, it can keep you out of your car, keep you from starting it, or even locking it.

It might also keep you from retrieving items from your trunk or other storage spaces.

While it might be tempting to stand around screaming in frustration, it’s actually the last thing you will want to do.

Instead, contact us here at Real Time Locksmith.

Broken key extractions are no problem for our talented team and in the event, the broken key has also damaged your lock, we can repair/replace that onsite as well.

No matter how serious the extraction, we’ll have you back on your way and free from worry quickly.

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