Storage Lock Services in San Jose

Storage Locks and Lockout Services in San Jose


Storage locks are the asset standing between a potential threat and your valuable assets. They are essential products that provide the sturdy protection of your storage unit – and that is why it’s so important that they are of the highest quality. Real Time Locksmith has a team of experts on hand, specializing in storage locks and lockout services.

Storage Lock Services

If your storage unit needs bolstered protection, a brand new lock, or problem-solving – look no further. We have spent years in the business of ensuring assets in storage units are well protected – so you won’t need to worry about anyone breaking into any of your storage units.

Lockout Services

Real Time Locksmith applies quick and effective response to any required lockout services. Should you be unable to access your storage unit or need a new lockout mechanism – we can answer every concern. Contact our friendly customer support team, and we’ll be there to help.


Need that extra layer of protection on your storage units? We offer padlock services to double up the durability of defense. Whether it’s an emergency installation, security review, or malfunctioning lock mechanisms – no task is too great. We use state-of-the-art locks with highly knowledgeable personnel to apply the padlocks required.

Types of Storage Locks

There are a few types of storage locks available – some may be more suited to the storage unit than others. The main differences between the categories pertain to the environment and durability. Further noting the complexity of the access mechanism. We are adept in installing any storage lock and solving any lockout issue – including those listed below:

Combo Locks

Combo locks are great for storage units as they don’t require keys – just your brain to remember the password. Most locks are number based where you will create a 4-digit key code to access whenever you need. Only you and any necessary persons will be able to access your storage unit – and if you forget, we’re on hand to help get back into space.


Real Time Locksmith has several different padlocks to choose from – and a wide range tailored to specific storage units. They come in traditional lock and key form – and vary in size and shape depending on what level of protection you are seeking for your space. Padlocks are the most common choice for storage locks.

Disk Locks

If you seek the ultimate protection for your storage unit – disk locks are the way to go. Their durability is unmatched, and they are particularly challenging to cut. You’ll have no worries about protecting your assets inside storage – hang on to that key, though! Should you be locked out – it can take a while to break the lock, considering how strong it is.

Weather Proof Locks

Weather Proof Locks are the best option if your storage unit is outdoors. These locks have the traditional key access but build to withstand a variety of harsh weather conditions. Weather Proof Locks inspire confidence in the security of your outdoor storage unit – and we can install, repair or fix them whenever required.

Storage Lock Installation

We understand that space is limited in your home – so you’ll need a storage unit to protect everything dear to you. The last thing you want is to have to worry about the security of the products inside. More yet, being locked out of your storage unit when you need to access something quickly. Real Time Locksmith alleviates all those concerns!

We have the most revered storage locks in our inventory – and some of the most experienced professionals in the San Jose area. Our team prides itself on being responsive, friendly, efficient, and fast when meeting storage lock requirements. Contact us if you need installation or lockout addressing – and we’ll fix up your storage unit to stand the test of time.

Lockpicking for Storage Locks

If you’ve ever faced a lockout at your home, you’ll understand what an inconvenience it can conjure. The same principles apply for storage locks – for whatever reason you’ve found yourself unable to access your storage unit – stresses can arise. People should carry the notion with you that even in the face of adversity, you’ll be able to get into your storage unit.

Real Time Locksmith is the resource to ensure that your storage unit stays accessible at all times. We work with a broad range of storage locks – where we are knowledgeable about their details and mechanisms, back to front. If your lock is jammed, broken, failing – or have lost the keys and codes – our lockpicking specialists are available at once.

Key Duplication for Storage Locks and Lockouts

It’s always better to be safe than sorry – having an extra key for your storage unit can be beneficial. The additional piece can prevent lockouts or allow quicker access to the storage unit when you can’t find your original key. Real Time Locksmith offers speedy and proficient key duplication for lockouts – just let us know what you need copying, and we’ll get it in your hand.