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Professional locksmith in Palo Alto, CA.

I received a call from a customer looking for an expert lock and key service. They had a broken key in their home door. Thus, the services would largely include key extraction, key duplication, lock re-key and probably a lock change. The situation was on the extreme since their trial to save the situation had damaged the lock. The possible solution was to extract the key and then install a new lock.

We went our way into doing a professional job to maintain safety and security in their home. It never took us a long while. With the level of skill and experience, we got the situation fixed in less than 20 minutes. But what are some of the services to enjoy from a professional locksmith in Palo Alto, CA?

patio lock repaired san jose
patio lock repaired
  • Lock re-key services
  • Lock and key services
  • lock repair and installations
  • residential key cutting and duplications
  • emergency lockouts
  • car lockout and so much more.

Rekeying services

Rekeying involved replacing the inner workings of a lock. This renders the old key useless. When your locks are faulty, this service is cheaper than purchasing a new lock. It ensures the security of your property without having to spend a lot.

Lock repair and replacement

Sometimes you might notice your key getting stuck in the lock while opening or closing the door. Also, locks break, and sometimes they stop functioning. All these calls for repair services from a locksmith. A professional locksmith will ensure that the lock works perfectly with its key after its repair. Replacing locks is a form or lock repair done when the damage in the locks is beyond fixing.

Patio door and window lock repair

Patios are the most highly trafficked area around a home. Due to this, their locks tend to wear out and break often. When the patio locks are faulty, it exposes your house to burglary. It is essential, therefore, to call a locksmith for immediate repair or lock replacement. If the lock is loose, they will tighten it and leave your place fully secure. Windows are also a part of your house that will give access to intruders. You should have them inspected and repaired when you notice a problem.

Key cutting and duplication

Often, we lose our house keys and get ourselves locked out in the house. It could be out in the dark or in harsh weathers. This is where key cutting and duplication comes in. With powerful key cutting machines and experience, locksmiths can cut a key within no time. Also, if you do not live alone, it may be an inconvenience to use a single key. Call a locksmith for key duplication services.

Emergency locksmith in Palo Alto, CA.

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Life is beautiful with Real-Time Locksmith

Robberies can be very victimizing. Whether it is a home, office, or car robbery, effective measures should be taken to ensure that such an occurrence never happens again. Having a reliable professional to call in emergency times like these is essential. A locksmith will help you upgrade the security of your home. Putting more surveillance and alarm systems at your premises will keep burglars away. Besides robbery, lockouts s are other occasions that require speedy help from skillful professionals, especially if you live in an insecure place. Depending on a professional who can offer 24/7 emergency services is ideal for situations like these.

Commercial locksmith in San Jose

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your business. With the rise in burglary cases around San Jose, you can only enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your premises are secure. Having an experienced, reliable, and skillful commercial locksmith as a partner will help you keep your premises protected. Locksmiths will install commercial locks in all the doors, ensure that they are well maintained and replace them when it is necessary. They will be able to guide you on measures to take to keep your premises secure from intruders.

The businesses of Palo Alto often need locksmith services to ensure the security of their buildings, re-access areas that have been accidentally locked from the inside, and various other services.

What We Do

Installation: Upon starting a business and when replacing the lock systems throughout the business, it is important to have a professional locksmith properly install your exterior and interior door locks, manage the master-key setup, and overall ensure that your business is properly secured with high-quality lock systems that are installed perfectly. At Real Time Locksmith, we offer this comprehensive lock installation service.

Re-Access: When a company key is lost, it can potentially block your access to vital areas of your business for extended periods of time. This can greatly impede workflow, and it should be dealt with immediately and by professionals. Real Time Locksmith will come to your business in record time and regain access to your locked rooms and items in a professional and reliable manner.

Repair: Electronic locks are expensive, and they’re a vital part of your business. We can remove the need for a replacement by repairing your electronic locks on-site. We can also repair other lock types as needed.

Safety Additions: The safety of your employees, clients, and customers is your top priority, and we help you ensure it’s never compromised. We can install panic doors and other emergency exit features that help your employees and patrons escape safely in the event of an emergency.

How We Help

During all of our business operations, we focus on not only providing the highest quality results, but also providing the highest quality experience. Any time you engage with our company or have our employees in your establishment, you can expect us to be timely, reliable, trustworthy, and professional.

Intercom installation

Intercoms are systems that are ideal for both residential and commercial places. They not only bring convenience in your life, but they also help you to limit those getting access to your site. Intercom systems enable you to communicate you with the person who is trying to get access to your place. They can only get in your compound when you allow them. They can either be audio or audio. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right one and call a professional for its installation.


At Real Time Locksmith, we provide the Palo Alto area with the finest locksmith services available. We can provide those services in the following three sectors:


Residents of Palo Alto can trust Real Time Locksmith to provide all the residential locksmith services they need to secure their homes, regain access to vehicles, rooms, and property, and a variety of other needs.

We frequently help the area’s residents gain entry into their homes when they’ve been locked out, access closed off rooms, replace the locks on a new home, and even repair broken lock systems to avoid costly replacements.

What We Do

Home Re-Entry: Losing access to your home can be an unpleasant surprise that is detrimental to your life in various ways, but with Real Time Locksmith, you can regain entry as soon as possible and resume your day with ease. Our team of professional locksmiths will ensure you’re the homeowner and get to work in a trustworthy, reliable, and speedy fashion as soon as they arrive, and we place a major focus on the affordability of our services to ensure you’re satisfied and can get back to life as usual.

Lock Replacement: When you buy a new house, or when you need to change your locks to prevent an unwanted guest from using old keys, we can provide you with a full lock replacement service that ensures you receive high-quality residential locks that installed properly and reliably. This service is performed by trustworthy professionals who are experienced and always maintain a professional demeanour and conduct.

Lock Repair: When a lock breaks, you don’t always need to have it replaced. We can repair broken locks to help you get more life out of the lock and not have to change your keys.

Security: We can keep you and your family safe through by installing high-quality security systems that alert you to unwanted guests and deter intruders.

All of these services are provided by the industry’s best, and we maintain the highest level of professionalism not only while in and around your home, but also from the moment you contact us.


Depending on your situation, getting locked out of your car can be anything from a time-consuming inconvenience, to a dangerous and stressful situation. Being able to regain access to your vehicle quickly and safely of the utmost importance, and at Real Time Locksmith, we provide this service to all of Palo Atlo’s residents and visitors, but we also offer a comprehensive list of supplementary services.

What We Do

Vehicle Re-Entry: Getting locked out of your vehicles throws a wrench in your schedule, and in some cases, it can be dangerous or frightening. We will come to your vehicle’s location and regain access to your vehicle, without damaging it, so you can go about your day with a peace of mind.

Ignition Replacement: When an ignition system fails, your mode of transportation is rendered useless. We can replace your ignition system with a high-quality replacement and get you back on the road in no time.

Key Removal: Sometimes, keys break. When they do, they cost you access to your car, the inability to turn the ignition, and access to your trunk/hood areas. We can remove broken keys and assist in cutting new ones; regardless of whether they’re chip-based or simple metal keys.

Key Duplication: Having a spare key to your car for a partner to use, or just to ensure you have another key in case you lose your primary car, is imperative to ensuring you can easily utilize your car when needed. We can create high-quality key duplicates at an unbelievably affordable rate for all Palo Alto residents.

Your vehicle is most likely one of your most valuable possessions. We understand this, and when we perform our locksmith services on your vehicle, we maintain a professional and trustworthy attitude while ensuring that we don’t damage or otherwise compromise your vehicle. We also work quickly, and with a focus on customer satisfaction.

If you’re locked out of your vehicle and need immediate assistance in the Palo Alto area, don’t hesitate to call Real Time Locksmith immediately for speedy and efficient service you can rely on!

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