Ignition Repair in San Jose

Ignition Repair in San Jose
A broken ignition of a car with keys in it. Replacing carbon brushes in it

Professional Ignition repair in San Jose

A car’s ignition is an integral part of the car.

A faulty ignition might land you into a car lockout from the car not starting, or short-circuiting within the ignition.

There many problems that affect the ignition system, however, with proper maintenance and care, you can increase the life of your ignition.

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Moreover, some of the problems are inevitable. To mitigate such problems, you have to address any symptoms of failure in the ignition.

It is not always easy to fix ignition-related problems.

As some issues are straightforward to fix like issues to do with ignition turning, others require more attention.

Some problems require removing the battery, steering wheel disconnected, and some other steps to follow.

With the new models having transponder chips that are directly connected to the ignition system, repairing ignition problems has become more difficult.

Thus, for any car models, ignition repair should be handled by professionals with experience and skills.

Signs that your ignition is faulty

Starting a car seems to be an easy task. However, the process involves a lot of activities to get the pistons pumping.

The entire process of starting the vehicle begins with the ignition. If the ignition is problematic, the car will not start.

There are a few signs that the ignition will exhibit when it starts to fail.

These signs might be a sign of ignition failing or even a bigger problem.

Unless you are an automotive specialist, you should take every sign seriously to avoid more severe damages.

Here are some of the symptoms;

Ignition Repair in San Jose
A broken ignition of a car with keys in it. Replacing carbon brushes in it
  • Car fails to start
  • car key not turning in the ignition
  • Flickering dashboard lights
  • A car stalling often
  • Silent starter motor
  • Car fails to start

This is the primary sign that the ignition is failing.

It is one thing to get the engine to crank and another to completely start the engine.

The engine might crank and fail to start the vehicle. Other times, the car will start but will take longer before it does.

The primary cause of this is corrosion of the electrical circuit that is related to the ignition system.

This corrosion hinders the flow of enough electricity.

Car key failing to turn

It will also be quite apparent that the ignition system is faulty if a car key fails to turn once inserted in the keyhole.

Before concluding anything, always ensure that the ignition lock is not engaged by turning the steering wheel back and forth.

If this is not the case, then there might be severe damage inside the ignition that prevents the key aligning itself with the keyhole.

It is important to note that newly unprofessionally duplicated keys may cause problems with ignition.

As a result, you have to ensure that you get perfect car key replacement services.

Flickering dashboard lights

Although this is not a significant sign that will draw someone’s attention, flickering lights can be a sign that your car’s ignition is faulty.

Flickering lights are related to the ignition if it happens when the vehicle is on the move.

A silent starter motor

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When you turn a car key in the ignition and the engine does not crank, there is a chance that the ignition switch is not unable to create the necessary electrical pathway to get power from the battery to the starter motor.

At times, dead batteries can be the cause of this.  You can test other parts of the vehicle like the radio when the key is in the ignition.

If the batteries are not dead, then the root of the problem is the ignition.


Stalling is a sign of a faulty ignition if it happens when the car is in motion.

Ignition related problems should be addressed by a professional.

A minor issue can be a sign of other more significant problems of a vehicle.

You also don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere due to ignition problems.

Call an automotive locksmith in time for quality ignition repair services.