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What to do when you are in a trunk lockout?

Imagine walking out of your vehicle, and you head directly to the trunk to take out your shopping.

Since the luggage is too big, you decide to place your car keys on the floor of the trunk, and as you unpack, the trunk locks itself.

At this point, you know you locked your keys in the trunk, and a series of thoughts come crossing your mind.

Should I try and forcefully open the trunk or jam it locks. These solutions will end up making the problem even worse.

Calling a professional to handle is the smart thing to do.

Mary had just got home from her vacay and was delighted to get home.

However, the joy was shortlived since she had locked her keys in the trunk.

Making it worse, it was a key fob that would open the trunk. So in such a situation, she could not access the car.

She was completely stalled!

Trunk lockouts are not common

Figuring between getting to the house and solving the already present problem, she reached for her phone and gave us a call.

In distress, she explained the entire ordeal. Even though trunk lockouts are not common, we treat each case with the precision it deserves.

Below is a rundown of the services that we offer for trunk lockout services;

Trunk lockout services
man load bags in a car trunk. preparation for a road trip. car travel concept
  • Trunk lock replacement
  • Trunk lock picking
  • car lock rekey
  • Broken key in trunk retrieval
  • Car key fob replacement
  • Trunk lock repair and installation

Trunk lock repair in San Jose.

Trunk locks are quite different from other locks of a vehicle.

They function differently from the door locks.

When you get in a trunk lockout situation, the only way you can resolve this is if you are inside the vehicle.

Another way is to go directly to the trunk and pick the lock.

Only a specialist can make the right call and will help you unlock the trunk easily and without causing any damages to your car.

Trunk unlocking process

There are some steps to follow when you are unlocking a trunk once you are inside the vehicle.

First, you lower the back seats so that it is easy to access the trunk. This you will do with the help of a button located behind the seat which enables the car to fold.

Then, the expert will get to the car trunk from where he will access the trunk locking mechanism.

If you locked the keys in the trunk, then, the specialist will hand you the key, and then you can open the trunk the usual way.

If not, he will try to manipulate the locks using a screwdriver so that it can open.

If you feel that the trunk locking mechanism is damaged and needs replacement, he will remove the locking mechanism and install a new lock for your trunk.

The professional will also ensure that all wires and cords are correctly connected before finishing the job.

Trunk deadlock issues

car key - Power, beauty and soul.
Car key remote spare after a lockout situation

As a security feature, many new vehicle models nowadays come with an inbuilt deadbolt feature.

With this feature, the risk of someone stealing your car is minimal.

However, this feature makes is hectic to unlock your trunk in case of a lockout.

Deadbolts work by automatically disconnecting the door lock mechanism immediately they sense that the security of the car is in jeopardy.

This means that the vehicle locks itself entirely, and there is no way to get in.

This situation can last for hours or even a whole day if you have no automotive locksmith to contact.

If your car key is not programmed

It can get worse if your car uses a fob key, and the key is not properly programmed.

For a fob key to function on a vehicle, it sends a message to the car.

When the vehicle receives the command, it then responds according to it.

Thus, if your car key is not programmed, there is no way the car will unlock.

With a spare key, this problem is no more. However, without one, a specialist will have to handle the situation.

Are you locked out of your car from the trunk or a broken key in the trunk?

Real Time Locksmith are professionals who are ready to get the job done. We are affordable, available 24/7, licensed and certified.